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About Barbaranne

I am an artist at heart, a board-certified Ph.D. neuropsychologist by trade. My career as a clinician involved diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with serious, complicated health issues, such as closed head injuries, as well as writing research papers. The opening of my heart, my own therapeutic evolution, was through art. For decades, I took solace and joy in the potter’s wheel.  After multiple health issues, I had to leave ceramics.  I turned that intense attention to beaded and wire work jewelry.  Jewelry Making, for me, is a meditative process involving the study of new designs and the continual mastery of new and increasingly complex patterns and techniques. It is like solving an extremely complex, often frustrating, but definitely enjoyable puzzle.


I hope my work—its texture, its design, its technique--speaks to you.  Beads and metal have been used for thousands of years for self-adornment, for objects of beauty, for ritual.  My pieces are made with great attention and care for the people who will own them.

From "Little Fires Everywhere" by Celeste Ng.  She is describing Mia, an artist who expresses herself through photography.  This is about how artists see.


"As a child she had been fascinated by things that, to her bemusement, no one else seemed to even notice.  “You were such a woolgatherer,” her mother would say, “You sat in your stroller just staring out at the lawn.  You’d sit in the tub and pour water back and forth from one cup to another for an hour if I’d let you.” What Mia remembered of those moments was watching the blades of grass in the breeze, changing color as they went, from dark to light, like the nap of velvet when you brushed your hand over it; the way the stream of water broke itself into droplets as it splashed against the cup’s rim.  Everything, she noticed, seemed capable of transmogrification. Even the two boulders in the backyard sometimes turned to silver in the early morning sunlight.  In the books she read, every stream might be a river god, every tree a dryad in disguise, every old woman a powerful fairy, every pebble an enchanted soul. Anything had the potential to transform, and this, to her, seemed the true meaning of art."

Crafted by Hand

 Art Is In Market      

Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi MI 

248 380 4992


Art Is In Market  

Laurel Park Place 

Livonia MI

734 432 9177


Art Is In Market

Briarwood Mall 

Ann Arbor MI

734 769 9610


Artisan Market  

Bizzy Buzz Artisan Market, Rochester, MI

248 726 7707

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